The Pit and the Pastry Cutter happens to be one of Elsa’s favorite classic movies. She usually watches it as a double feature with The Fall of the House of Biscuit.

This strip is an homage to the movie poster for The Pit and the Pendulum, which starred Vincent Price. Classic spooky suspense and horror film! The only thing it’s missing is monsters. The idea for the comic came from “Pillsbury Doughboy” and “pastry cutter,” the two ideas I pulled from the Top Hat of Random Topics. I could not have been more lucky pulling those two topics on the same day, let me tell you. Thanks to Helen T and Carl Glassmeyer for contributing these ideas to the hat!

It won’t be long before we hit the road for Phoenix Comicon and Denver Comicon. Here’s a map of our Phoenix location. I’ll include a map of our Denver location soon.