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San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition

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Emerald City Comic Con

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This week’s strip is inspired by our upcoming trip to PAX West, the Penny-Arcade Expo, a celebration of all things gamer geek. This is the one convention that we attend as actual attendees. Craziness! If you happen to be attending, and if you happen to find us before we run out of them, we’ll give you this pin specially designed for the event. I suggest looking for us hovering around the Rock Band games and Dungeons and Dragons related stuff. ‘Cause we’re neeeeeerds.

Square badge pin depicting Frank holding a D20 and wearing a wizard hat. The text reads “Dungeon Master” with the word “master” overprinted by the word “monster.

My parents are to blame for me being a gamer. They’re the ones that had us all playing the Atari. My older brother and I played endless hours of Pitfall and Breakout. The whole family would play Atari Bowling. For those of you too young to know of the days of simpler console controls, like the one the Little Vampire is holding, use teh internets and Google Atari, then get off my lawn. 🙂

Speaking of how amazingly old I am, and speaking of my parents, James and I went to Kentucky this past weekend to celebrate my parents’ birthdays, see my bros, and attend my 20th high school reunion. This did, indeed, make me feel old, but not in a bad way. It was more of a “wow, I’ve been around awhile, and that’s allowed me to know all these awesome people.” Looking at it like that makes aging not so bad at all.

Speaking of awesome people, the awesome Hannah from the Life’s a Witch clan was reading my book, in public, while wearing the best hat EVAR. Her awesome mom snapped this awesome picture. Awesome!

Hannah, a teenage girl, wears a black cadet hat while reading the Little Vampires book.