I am most certainly biased, being a proud descendant of Irish immigrants, but I feel Irish and Celtic folklore is some of the coolest in the world. So I decided to honor my heritage and it’s storytelling-fu by introducing the Little Banshee for St. Patrick’s Day. Being an omen of death doesn’t really say “extroverted party animal” to me, so I made her a bit on the shy side.

The last two weekends have been wonderful beyond words, but I will attempt to describe our adventures at Staple! and Emerald City ComiCon in a con report to be released to the mailing list later this week. Until then, I would like to offer the most mega-est of hello’s to my new readers, and to all the awesome fans that stopped by the booth. It’s always great to meet fans in person so I know for sure that they are not imaginary. I have plenty of imaginary friends, so I prefer my fans to be real.