Last weekend we had a great time Staple! in Austin, Texas. This weekend, we’ll have a great time in Seattle at Emerald City Comicon. The weekend after that, we unplug all communication devices and sleep, so if you want to see us upright, stop by booth 808 at the Washington State Convention Center.

Since I acknowledged our love of Austin and of Staple! in last week’s strip, I thought I’d acknowledge our love of Seattle and the ECCC in this week’s. One of our favorite spots in the Emerald City is the Fremont Troll, and since he was a monster, it was a no-brainer to incorporate him into the Little Vampire universe.

I apologize for the lack of color, but having two conventions in a row that require us to board an airplane left me no time to whip out the Photoshop and give everyone the chance to taste the rainbow. I also apologize for the lack of a Staple! con report. We had a great time and got to hang with great people, but it’s just too much awesome to write about right now. I’ll be doing a Staple!/ECCC mash-up next week.

After I sleep.