This week’s comic is full of multiple shout-outs.

I’m excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics, so a shout-out to all those amazing athletes. What Olympic sports would you like to see the Little Vampires and their friends attempting? Besides curling. I’ve already called curling, that most under-appreciated of sports. There will be curling in the Little Vampire’s future, oh yes.

Shout-out to Phil and Margaret, because it was during a dinner conversation with them that the idea of zombie hockey first came up.

Shout-out to Alina Pete of Weregeek, whose characters I’ve Little Monsterized with as much monstery love as I could muster. And shout-out to Daniel M. Davis and the world of Monster Commute. I didn’t have to Monsterize his characters ’cause they’re already monsters.

And a final shout-out to all the zombie fans who I’ve come to know and love in my travels to conventions. Vampires and zombies can get along in a spirit of love and friendship and blood and brains.