For those of you unfamiliar with The Colbert Report, this comic references a bit they used to do called the Threat Down. Here’s a video example. WARNING: This video has some adult themes. Like, pixelated adult themes. Fer reals.  Link to video!

Thanks to Greg Luch for suggesting “running from bears” and Kim Hiland-Belding for “nutty.” And thanks to Stephen Colbert for being on the front lines of the war against Yogi and Booboo.

Happy birthday to James’s cousin Bill, and happy birthday to James himself. James is not a big-on-birthdays kind of guy. But that doesn’t stop me. 🙂 His birthday is Sunday, June 30 so please send him the love in the comments, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

I’ll be posting details about where you can find us at San Diego Comic-Con soon. Keep on eye on the blog. Two, if you can spare them.