Titanic was NOT one of today’s topics. The topics for today’s comic were “careen” and “the gym.” I learned that the word “careen” was originally a nautical term for a ship leaning to its side. Unstable ships made me think of the Titanic and, well, there you go. 🙂

Thanks to David Oakes for suggesting “the gym” as a topic. “Careen” is something that two-year-olds do, and careening is something they make happen. That might be why mom of a two-year-old Kim Hiland-Belding suggested “careen” as a topic. Thanks Kim!

Speaking of parenting, Happy Father’s Day to my dad and to all the readers out there that do the dad thing! The picture below is of my friend Peter reading a certain book to a certain careening-causing toddler. So a special Happy Still-New-At-Being-a-Father-but-Doing-a-Great-Job-Father’s Day to Peter, to my friend Rico, and to brand spanking new dad Neal Bailey.