This comic is based on “A Train Leaves New York” and “Captain Nemo,” the two topics I pulled from the Top Hat of Random Topics. Thanks to Marie McNeill and David Oakes for contributing those two topics to the hat!

It’s not too late to submit your own words. I can cram more topics into the top(ic) hat. You can leave them in the comments, or send them to me using other social media:

  • E-mail them to with the subject line Top Hat
  • Post them on the Little Vampires Fan Page on Facebook with the words Top Hat at the beginning of the post
  • Post them on my Google+ page with the words Top Hat at the beginning of the post
  • Message them to me on Twitter @RHicks with the words Top Hat at the beginning of the Tweet

Please include your full name so I can credit you for your idea should I choose it.

 The comic is all-ages, so keep the topics all-ages. Don’t send anything that Bugs Bunny and The Muppets wouldn’t do. The topics can be:
  • Scenarios, such as BEING LOST (a topic from Strip Search)
  • Time periods, such as THE FUTURE (a topic from Strip Search)
  • Places, such as CIRCUS and COUNTRY FAIR (topics from Strip Search)
  • Specific places, such as MONKEY’S EYEBROW, KENTUCKY (it really exists, look it up)
  • People, such as CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS (they really exist, look them up)
  • Specific real or fictional people, such as MILLARD FILLMORE (not sure if he really existed)
  • Things, such as SHOWER CURTAINS (know those are for real for sure)
  • Specific things, such as THE EIFFEL TOWER (l’exists pour real)
  • Actions, such as DEFENESTRATION (stay away from windows ’cause this one is scary for real)