This week’s strip look different? That’s because it’s painted. It’s painted, and it’s up for bid!

You can own this painting if you bid on it over at eBay. Click here! All proceeds from the sale will go to Scare for a Cure, an interactive haunted house in Austin, Texas that raises money for cancer charities. It’s run by my buds Jarrett and Norma Crippen, hence the support from me. Their theme is zombies, hence the, ummm, zombie painting. 🙂

The painting is acrylic on 9×12 flat canvas. If you make the winning bid, every cent you bid will go to Scare. I will even ship it to you for free. If you can’t afford to bid, then please donate what you can at the Scare for a Cure website. And spread the word about the auction and this great charity!