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San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition

San Diego Convention Center | San Diego, CA


Emerald City Comic Con

Washington State Convention Center | Seattle, WA

Don’t stop believing. Hold onto that feeling.

I’ve been non-stop go go go preparing for San Diego Comic-Con for over a month, now. I put a lot of work into making the best art for each convention I exhibit at, so why does San Diego Comic-Con get all this extra attention?

For starters, SDCC was my hometown convention for many years! I started attending in 1994, and started exhibiting in 2007. The Little Vampires were first introduced to the world at the 2007 SDCC, so it’s a very special show for me on a personal level. It’s got extra special meaning for me this year, since it’s no longer my hometown show! This will be the first year I’ll be driving more than 20 miles to exhibit, since I moved to Portland in December. I can’t wait to see my San Diego friends again!

The other reason SDCC is a big deal is straight up economics. And yes, art is business. I have no intention of being a starving artist because I really like donuts and donuts are cheap, but not free. Our inline booth at SDCC costs us $2,100. That is a crazy amount of money, I know! But the experience of the show and the sheer number of people that visit my booth make it all worth it … if I work at making it worth it. It takes a lot of time and effort to create art that’s eye-catching and fun as well as unique. And with all the awesomeness at SDCC, I have to be eye-catching, fun, and unique.

So that’s why SDCC gets so much of my attention. Thanks for understanding! Here, as a reward for your understanding, have a sneak peek at a part of the Monster Mystery Bag that I’ll have at SDCC.

Photo of a googly-eyed monster peeking out of a zebra-striped paper bag

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exhibitor floor map with the Little Vampires booth highlighted