This is why I ask no more than two people if they want something when I go on a coffee run.

This story arc features Sergiu, the Little Vampire that organized a feast and dealt with the cantankerous Old Ones in the Winter Feast story arc. He also helped Felix organize the Fell Fallstival.

Why the red bowtie? There are now several Little Vampires with distinct names and personalities, such as Amalia, the artist. She’s easily identified by her red beret. I decided there should be visual identifiers for the other named Little Vampires too. These identifiers would be connected to their personalities or hobbies.

Sergiu is a good organizer, but he’s also a very anxious vampire. I thought about one of my favorite characters, Fear, from one of my favorite movies, Pixar’s Inside Out. Fear rocked a bowtie, so I gave Sergiu one as an homage. So whenever you see a Little Vampire with a red bowtie, you’ll know it’s Sergiu!

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