I’m really sorry to interrupt a story arc . . . okay, not really, because I’m really excited to announce that the third Little Vampires book is (finally) done!

Today’s comic is the art for the front and back cover of the book, which is titled Once Upon a Bleh. I’ve been working so hard on this book over the last few months, and am so relieved that it’s finally off to the printers. It’s got at least thirty more pages than the previous collections, and has lots more added commentary and other bonus features. Please let me know what you think of the cover!

If there are no catastrophic failures with the printing process (knocking on a forest’s worth of wood), the book will be available for sale at our next appearance, the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention in March, and all appearances after that. We will also have the book for sale in our online store for anyone that can’t make it to one of our planned conventions.

The Midsummer Night’s Bleh story arc will continue on Friday, the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Because I love you. <3 <3 <3