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I’m taking a short break from creating the comic in order to focus my attention on several tasks that have been loudly clamoring for my attention like loudly clamoring things that clamor.

Two of the tasks do involve the comic. I’m going to be going through the archives to build a guide for the characters and for Monsterdell. Now that I have more than 1,000 comics created, I don’t want to move forward without being sure that the characters and their world are consistent. And archiving the comics will give me some ideas for new story arcs!

The second task involves updating the character designs, and creating character reference sheets. I want to have sketches of each of the main characters looking in various directions, making different facial expressions, and performing different motions with their body. I want both the writing AND the art to be more consistent, and doing these tasks will help with that.

I’ll also continue working with James to update our online store. Be the first to see our new design and newly listed products HERE. My goal is to increase our overall online sales, because it’s becoming more and more necessary due to the rising costs of tabling at conventions.

Luna Sea Studios Store promotional image

After these tasks are complete, I’ll focus on updating the Little Vampires comic site. My goal is launch a Patreon, and I want to have a comic with writing, art, and website that will be worthy of your patronage!

So thank you all so much for your understanding! And thank you for allowing me the time to do my best work for you. Please enjoy the comic archives, and continue telling me what your favorite story arcs have been.