Rose City Comic Con

Oregon Convention Center | Portland, OR



Denver Marriott Tech Center | Denver, CO


San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition

San Diego Convention Center | San Diego, CA


Emerald City Comic Con

Washington State Convention Center | Seattle, WA

At this point, they’ve given up on explaining costume themes to that one guy.

Happy Halloween to all! Thanks to everyone that ordered Halloween buckets. I’ll be spending the most awesome of holidays with my awesome fans in the L.A. area, which is better than Reese’s Cups (and I love me some Reese’s cups, people). James and I will be at the Long Beach Comic-Con this weekend at Artist Alley table 1611. I’ve been invited to be part of the Women in Comics panel on Sunday at noon in the Seaside Lobby. I’ve done a total of two panels in my lifetime, and they still make me nervous as all heck. So come on out and show your support by laughing at all my lame jokes and shouting, “Hells yeah!” whenever I make a point. Okay, maybe not that last bit.

Nancy Cox at Salon Serendipity here in San Diego will be helping me prepare for the Long Beach Con by painting my characters on my nails. Whaaat? How cool is that? I didn’t ask her to do this, she just started painting the little guys on some acrylics.

Acrylic fingernails depicting Frank, a Little Vampire, and Wolfie atop Rebecca Hicks’s business card.

I love this salon because everybody that works there is an awesome Girly Geek Chick. So I recommend them to all my local Girly Geek Chicks, and give my peeps in other zip codes total permission to get my guys painted on their nails. If you do, take pictures and send them my way. I want to start a monster manicure revolution!

Speaking of monsters, be sure to check out the latest Weregeek storyline. Vampires, anyone?