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I’m not the greatest card player in the world, so I prefer the Little Vampire interpretation of poker. That’s a game I could win.

The inspiration for this strip came from fan Sharon Gaffney in San Diego. Here’s her bio:

As for my bio…my life looks like a pinball game…I’ve been a scientist, teacher, very sick person, shaman in training, and writer. I have no idea as to what I’m in training to be when I grow up…or to be more specific, I had plans and the universe had other plans and considers this information under the category of “need to know” and I don’t need to. Therefore, unlike many others out there, I suffer no delusions that I am in control of anything. I am one with the Three Laws of Thermodynamics (you can’t win, you can’t break even,and you can’t get out of the game) and am simply biding my time and waiting for everybody else to catch up. Until then I will continue to get out of life as much as is doable…and it was on one of those adventures at the ComicCon that I ran across Rebecca Hicks and her little vampires. I like miniatures,vampire stories are my favorite amongst the horror genre, and I like to laugh. What more could one ask for? I like simple pleasures. And the older I get, the more I have come to believe that not only are simple pleasure enough, they are also the best. After all, a good bottle of wine is best consumed in sips not gulps. At least if enjoying yourself is the point. Anything else is, if one really considers it, pointless.

I like that I can provide simple pleasures, ‘cause complicated pleasures are, well, too complicated. 🙂

Come see us in Phoenix this weekend! Phoenix Comicon is one of the shows I recommend most to artists and fans. It’s a great show for all!

Map of Phoenix Comicon 2011 exhibitor floor with the Little Vampires booth highlighted