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Today’s strip was inspired by that event I mentioned last week, the one that threw my schedule into a tizzy. The tizzy was worth it, because that event was my auditioning to be on a pop culture trivia game show. I’ll go into greater detail when I actually find out if I made it onto the show or not. Whatever happens, I get a fun story out of the deal, a story I’ll relate once I get past the middle part. The middle part being the part where I wait for a phone call regarding the results of my audition.

*stares at phone*

Bats Days in the Fun Park was awesome fun! Who knew there was such a thing as Haunted Mansion cosplay? Fantastic stuff. Thanks to everyone that came by the table! It’s always great to see our fans, and great to make new ones.

Since we’re on the subject of the fantastic … Neal Bailey. There is no word to describe him other than fantastic. He has created this amazing comic called Cura Te Ipsum, which has recently been published as a trade. To advertise this milestone, he made a video, which I will let speak for itself.

Trades, hats, and Little Vampires.

You had me at Thus Spake Zarathustra, Neal. You fantastic man.

Cura Te Ipsum is incredible stuff, and I’m not just saying that because Neal is a friend, or because I know secrets about the strip because Neal can’t contain himself no matter how much I plug my ears and shout, “No spoilers!” It is timebendingparalleluniverse sci-fi awesomeness with a great variety of characters, even through they’re all the same person.

Go check it out here! Parents, I know the Little Vampires have a lot of young fans, so I want you to know that Cura is for a more mature reading audience.