Being a Tomb Raider can get awkward when you have friends that live in tombs.

I had so much fun making today’s strip, and I want you to have fun with it too. Mumsy’s bathroom wall has some actual Egyptian hieroglyphics on it, but also has some geekroglyphics. Think you can spot them all? Send an e-mail to me at with a list of the geekroglyphics that you found. Tell me what the symbol is, and/or what geek movie, TV show, game, comic, or whatever it comes from. An example of a list entry would be “Starfleet symbol from Star Trek.”

Yes, there is a Starfleet symbol on the wall. Consider that one a freebie. 🙂

The entrant with the most correct entries on their list will win a sketch card of their choice from me! So get your geek on and win some custom art! Contest ends on Friday, June 17th.