Crazy, exciting, exhausting news! We are working feverishly to get the first Little Vampires Webcomic collection printed for you! This week’s comics will feature teasers of the cover art. Our goal is to have the book ready for you by mid-March. Keep your fingers and claws crossed!

Our friends at SteamCrow have also been working feverishly to share their madness with the world. Behold! The Steam Crow Show opening! Why yes, there is a cameo by a stunningly handsome couple.

I have to showcase another piece of birthday art. This is from Cody Vrosh and Sheatiel Sarao, the incredible artist and writer behind Binary Winter Press. There are no words for how awesome this card is. Vampire cat!!!

We’re exhibiting at Con-Dor this weekend. Check their website for information on buying memberships.