Muse-inex of Fire is not guaranteed to work on the French.

We had such an amazing time at Emerald City Comicon this past weekend! Thanks to everyone that came by the booth, to Dane and Ashlie of Monkey Minion for being awesome roommates, and to the convention organizers for creating a show that gets better as it gets bigger! I’ll be posting pictures from my whirlwind tour of Kentucky and Seattle after I recover from my whirlwind tour of Kentucky and Seattle. 🙂

Our next appearance will be at WonderCon in Anaheim, April 18-20. I’ll post details in an upcoming blog. I’ll also be posting details on how you can order the latest Little Vampire book! Preorders are going out this week with some extra bonus love. 🙂

You can port back to the beginning of this story arc and get caught up on all the Shakespeare-shenanigans by clicking HERE.