Red Bull may give you wings, but dirigibles are better.

Thanks to Darren Vallance for adding “bull” and Marie McNeill for  adding “dirigible”  to the Top Hat of Random Topics. I’ll be continuing drawing from the hat through San Diego Comic-Con, but will begin a new story arc shortly thereafter. Speaking of SDCC . . .

We will be exhibiting with our good friend Alina Pete of Weregeek at San Diego Comic-Con 2013! You can find us at the same spot as last year, booth 1831. If you find Sideshow Collectibles, comic book artist legend Neal Adams, or Oni Press, you’re not too far from us. If you’re in the Small Press area or the Webcomics area, then you’re also really close and should stop by for laughs and fist bumps.

Want a break from the SDCC crowds and madness? Can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con? Then you should come to this awesome nerdtastic concert on the Friday of SDCC! No badges required! I never do after-hours stuff during SDCC because I’m all dedicated or something, but I’ll be at Rebecca’s Coffee House that night. ‘Cause, you know, it’s my coffee house and I like these musicians a lot. :)

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