This is a taste of the cover of the first Little Vampires Webcomic Collection, The Green, the Bleh and the Fuzzy. The book is at the printers! Woot! Check this blog, or follow us on Twitter (@rhicks and @jhicks) for the latest information on ordering the book the second it becomes available.

We will be exhibiting at WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center March 16-March 18. We will have fabulous new art prints and the brand new “Not a Morning Person” coffee mug at booth 801.

Info on ordering the new prints and coffee mug will be posted here next week.

Here’s the last of the birthday card art. The first sketch is by the amazing Dane Ault of Monkey Minion Press. It’s Captain Dan versus a Little Vampire! Extra bonus, this was drawn in one of Monkey Minion Press’s awesome zombie birthday cards.

This card is from the amazing Max, who likes drawing and shooting bows and arrows as much as I do. Thank you Max!