The Cat patiently tolerates the Little Vampires when they use him for “fierce and deadly” practice because they don’t cause him any harm whatsoever (despite their most fierce efforts). They also occasionally bring him gifts of opened cans of tuna that they pilfer from the same corner grocery where they pilfer their blood oranges.

This week’s art will be familiar to folks who’ve seen my art prints and have read the Little Vampires books. I’m using it for this week’s strip because the real life inspiration for The Cat was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma over Thanksgiving weekend. That’s cancer for those of you that don’t watch House. Just like on House, we’re fighting this disease with medicine and biting wit and a “you’re going down, disease” attitude.

I apologize for recycling art so early in the comic’s life. But I had to honor Matt the Cat’s patience with medicine and feeding tubes and over-emotional humans. He is as tolerant as The Cat that he inspired. But that’s probably because he also occasionally gets tuna.