We are back with a new character that is as snarky as he is invisible. His Café de l’Ennui apron is an homage to one of my favorite Doubleclicks songs, Ennui (On We Go).

Thanks to everyone that suggested monsters that would make great baristas! Know that the monsters you suggested work other shifts, or are working inside the café. There’s so much of Monsterdell I don’t get to show, but it’s there. Waiting. Watching. Being monstery.

Phoenix Comicon was amazing beyond words. I always get love and support at conventions but this year’s PHXCC was just love at an unprecedented level. Thank you all so much. You are a better cure for ennui than coffee. That’s a serious compliment, you all, seriously.

I was thrilled to sell out of the Phoenix-themed mystery bags, and definitely want to offer an online version for those of you who are sane enough to not go to conventions. But our next appearance will be San Diego Comic Con, so I’ll be weeping quietly in the corner at the thought of all I need to get done for that show. 🙂 I have plans for a SDCC mystery bag, and plan to offer an online specific one in August. So that’s a lot of time for you to suggest what monsters you’d like me to put on the bags. Suggest away!