Thanks to everyone that made San Diego Comic-Con 2011 awesome for us! Big thanks to the Comic-Con staff! And big thanks to everyone that came by the booth.

Thanks to everyone that came by to say they liked our work, or to help support us though the buying of the merch. We appreciate you so much. Yes, even the Splicers. We appreciate all of our fans. Even the sociopathic genetically spliced-up-the-wazoo fans.

Thanks to everyone that came by to say hi because you’re a dear friend or former student or a dear friend that doesn’t want her picture taken.

Thanks to my incredible husband James. Even though “thanks” is too small a word to cover my appreciation for him. Is there a language that has a word for “thanks” that’s, like, a thousand letters long? Even that wouldn’t cover it, but it would be close.

Thanks to Beth Accomondo for interviewing and promoting me. And thanks to Brett of Humerus Online for doing the same.

Thanks to Alina and Layne of Weregeek for sharing our home and the booth with us. Canadians make everything better. Something to do with maple syrup, I hear.

Thanks to Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties for being the bestest and most understanding of house guests, and for showing me the proper way to eat crab legs.

Thanks to Jason and Bruce for being the bestest of friends and minions! And big hugs to Bruce for getting me the newest Harry Dresden book. I might even pay him for it someday.

Big big personal thanks to all the Doctor Who cosplayers that stopped by the table to share their love of the series. I couldn’t go to the panels about Doctor Who and Torchwood, so Doctor Who and Torchwood came to me. And that’s beyond awesome.