When the Little Vampires travel to the Los Angeles area, there is always one place they absolutely must go. If you ever see a black rose laid lovingly on the Hollywood Walk of Fame star honoring Bela Lugosi, know that it may have been placed there by Little Vampires.

We will be in Los Angeles, specifically in beautiful downtown Burbank, for Monsterpalooza this weekend. This is THE convention to go to if you are a fellow lover of classic monsters. Bela Lugosi Jr. attended last year, which gives you an idea of how awesome this show is for monster fans, big and small.

If Monsterpalooza is even half as awesome as WonderCon was, we will be happy (and tired) campers. Thanks to everybody for braving the San Francisco rain and stopping by the table to see us. And thanks for tolerating my voice, which was not up to full strength due to a cold that whomped me upside the head. I was told I sounded like Suzanne Pleshette, though, so bonus. 🙂