UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: James is keeping the chicken broth industry in BIZNESS, and recovering nicely. We are both exhausted, physically and mentally, so I’m taking one more day off from producing the comic. I also need the time to get caught up with prep for Emerald City Comic, since we lost four much-needed days of work. There will be a new comic on Friday! Thank you all so much for your love and understanding.

UPDATE: There will not be a Monday comic as planned.

James is recovering and will be fine, but he was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital in Portland last night, Feb. 17th. He was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. This is rare in Type II diabetics, especially ones that manage their health as well as he does. We believe it was triggered by a mild cold he had been dealing with the last three days. Basically, he won the worst lottery ever.

I stayed with him in the ICU all night, and I’ll be with him in the Progressive Care Unit room that he’ll be staying in tonight. He’s recovering so well that there’s a good chance he can go home Monday!

I appreciate your love and understanding so much! I’ll keep you updated as to James’s progress. Right now I hope to have a comic on Wednesday. I’ll let you know if that changes. ❤️