Today’s comic is for all those monsters and humans that love puzzles of all kinds!

Shout out to Loksley who noticed that Sergiu is no longer speaking in Blehlish. I have indeed removed the brackets that indicate that the Little Vampires’ speech was being translated. This is one of the many small improvements I’m making to the comic to make it more readable and enjoyable to both old and new readers. I made this change because I realized that some readers didn’t understand the traditional comic book indication of translation (shown below), and because the “translated from Blehlish” caption would sometimes clutter up the panel.

But . . . the Little Vampires are still speaking in their own way, which is Blehlish. Just think of their way of speaking as heavily-accented English. So long-time fans of the comic, you are part of a secret club that knows something about the Little Vampires that new readers might not know. Use your knowledge wisely, and bleh on. 🙂