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Here’s a sneak preview of the cover art for the second Little Vampires comic collection, called The Fellowship of the Bleh. As I did before with the cover art for The Green, the Bleh, and the Fuzzy, I’ll show you this cover as it progresses.

If you recall, Frank has already been cast as Gandalf. Can you guess which Little Vampire friends will play the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring?

Rachael Faught’s Little Vampire Cocktail was a big hit! My friend Kim experimented with making a non-alcoholic version, and here are the results of her lab experiment. FOR SCIENCE!

We held an experiment to see which of two non-alcoholic recipes most closely matched the Original Little Vampires Cocktail. The substitutes under study were 7-Up and Q Ginger Ale. The blood orange juice was freshly juiced and pulp removed. Proportions remained the same as the original recipe, minus the Grand Marnier.

In a taste test, when compared to the Control (in which the flavor of the sparkling wine was particularly strong, and overall the combination was not particularly sweet), the 7-Up version was found to be quite sweet, appropriate for kids or those who prefer a sweeter taste. The Ginger Ale version was found to feature the ginger flavor, and was less sweet.

Conclusion: Substituting 7-Up for sparkling wine is appropriate for kids or those with a particularly sweet palate. Substituting ginger ale, particularly one with more ginger and less sweetener, yields an experience appropriate for adults who want to enjoy a non-alcoholic beverage.

For future study: consider adding an orange syrup or other additive to account for the Grand Marnier.

Photo of a Little Vampires blood orange cocktail and ingredients