We’re back! Thank you so much for giving me some time to focus on writing and illustrating a brand new Little Vampires book for you! I wish I could say that, by some miracle, the new book is done. It’s not. But I can say that I got over a major writing hurdle and that layout and illustration have begun! I’m way behind my self-imposed schedule, but I want to take all the time necessary to create something very enjoyable and highly professional for you. I’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress, and might even give you some sneak peeks into its creation. Might even tell you the title and what it’s going to be about. If you’re interested. 😉

In the meantime, enjoy today’s comic showcasing two of Monsterdell’s favorite brands! I posted the Yeti as a previous comic, but have since updated and improved the art. As I mentioned before, I’m really focused on doing the best work I can do for you all!

You can buy these two pieces as art prints by ordering from our online store. All prints come signed, bagged, boarded, and are shipped to you by Monsterdell Post. Please ignore any fang marks on the envelope. These prints will also be available at our upcoming appearances in Kentucky, Seattle, and Anaheim. More details on our appearance schedule soon.