You should never split the party in horror films, but James and I do it anyway so suck it masked serial killers with sharp objects! I will be  at Scarefest in Lexington, Kentucky this weekend! James will be appearing at the Funny Book Fest at Long Beach Comicon this weekend! Please come show us the love (and leave all sharp objects at home).

I will be at BOOTH 100 at Scarefest, and James will be at BOOTH FBF1 in the Funny Book Fest area of Long Beach Comic Con.


Fellow San Diegans! Because we’re traveling out of town, we are unfortunately missing out on the amazing Horrible Imaginings Film Festival here in San Diego. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Attend this amazing event!

We will both be at Rose City Comicon in Portland, Oregon the weekend of September 19th. The wonderful wizard of fez, Jason of Fez-o-Rama, made this map to help you find us and other independent artists at the show.