The Little Zombies also love Pin the Tail on the Undead Donkey.

San Diego Comic-Con begins next week. The Little Vampires and their friends from Weregeek will be at Booth 5015, near Artist Alley and (thankfully) close to the convention center Starbucks. Be sure to make time to come see us! (Map below)

After you come give us the love, be sure to visit these awesome creators. Would I send you to the non-awesome? Of course I wouldn’t.

We’re not too far from our friends at Monster Commute, who are at Booth 4207. The publishers of my comic book, Project Elohim, will be premiering issue 7 at the Strange Matter Small Press table, K04. While in Small Press, take a gander at the amazing work from A Wave Blue World (K11), Binary Winter (K08), Monkey Minion Press (N13), and Super Searnold (K03). And, of course, make sure you spend lots of time at the Webcomics Pavilion. There’s too much awesome there for me to list here.