Sometimes I like to let the little guys succeed at something. I’m just nice that way.

New Book!

I won’t be at the Calgary Expo in Canada this coming weekend, but my work will be! If you are lucky enough to be going, then check out the Brain No Worky table, D04 in Artist Alley. You’ll be able to buy the awesome artwork of my friend Marie, as well as the book we collaborated on!

This book is for anyone that has ever wondered what the heck those dogs are always barking about. It makes a great gift for dog lovers! PARENTAL ADVISORY: This book may contain nuts. And by nuts I mean . . . you know . . . dogs lick their . . . yeah. This book has slightly more mature humor than my Little Vampires stuff is all I’m saying.

You can also buy The Metaphysical Ponderings of Dogs in the Lunasea Studios Store.