This charming and whimsical and GORGEOUS piece comes from artist Cody Vrosh, founder of Binary Winter Press. Cody and his wife and creative partner Sheatiel were some of the first friends we made when we began exhibiting at conventions. They are both incredibly awesome people to be around, but even if they were total assholes I’d still love their work. It’s just that good. Cody is an incredible painter, and his work belongs on the walls of the finest galleries. But his work also has a charm that makes it accessible and likeable to all. It’s why I own so many of his damned awesome T-shirts.

Cody has a Kickstarter for a hardcover art book called Coffee Creatures. You bet we’ve already backed it, since James and I both love coffee AND creatures. The book will feature several of the “big toothed furry little snarks” like the one in the guest comic. I love those little guys!!! Support Cody’s amazing work and back his Kickstarter HERE.  And if you ever see him at a convention, bring him a vegan cookie.

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