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Brain cloud hugs to all of us hard-working and hard-thinking people! Wait, maybe that’s not the best idea …

San Diego Comic-Con was such an amazing whirlwind of amazingness that there are too many stories to tell in one blog. Here’s story number two!

The gorgeous Lissie Aguilar nominated me for a SYFY Fan Creator Award during SDCC. That alone made me feel so loved and appreciated! I thought the nom would result in SYFY mentioning me on Twitter or something which would have been really cool. But then I found out a marching band would parade me and other winners out to the middle of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter and I would get a medal in one of the public award ceremonies hosted by Orlando Jones. WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?

I was asked to meet the SYFY crew in the lobby of the Pendry Hotel on Friday. The only other recipient for that time slot was a very sweet cosplayer named Alexis who just ROCKED as Black Panther.

Photo of a female Black Panther cosplayer named Alexis

All of the SYFY staff were really nice to both of us, and explained everything that would happen before we started marching. They made me feel welcome and as relaxed as I can be (which is never very relaxed because my reason for existing is to be tense).

But then Orlando Jones came out to meet us. Do you know how hard it is to stay cool around actor Orlando Jones? He was lovely and gracious and fun, and I’m glad I had to the opportunity to tell him how much I love him as Anansi in American Gods, and how much I loved him on Sleepy Hollow. Okay, I hope that’s what actually came out of my mouth ‘cause I was just in awe and it might have just been gibberish. But he talked with me about filming the second season of American Gods so I know I at least got those words out.

Photo of Orlando Jones

The marching band was in the lobby by then, and were playing and singing I Believe I Can Fly, which is the most ridiculously epic band warm-up I’ve ever witnessed. Then the parade began, and we were marched to the center of the SDCC crowds on Fifth Avenue. Mr. Jones got up on a little podium, interviewed Alexis, and she was given her award. Then it was my turn. Click the link to watch the video!

SYFY Awards

It’s hard to hear me over the bullhorn because I do not have a lot of bullhorn experience, people. I’m amazed that I was able to say anything coherent, soft or loud, ‘cause the moment I got up there I started thinking about what my hair looks like and about my weight and that I’m wearing a blouse that someone once told me wasn’t flattering. Basically, I was letting my mind say ridiculously negative things in a moment when I should have just been enjoying an accomplishment. So I told that negative voice to shut up because I’M WINNING AN AWARD AND ORLANDO JONES HAS HIS ARM AROUND ME AND TAKE THAT PATRIARCHAL WOMEN-ARE-ONLY-AS-GOOD-AS-THEIR-LOOKS HATER VOICE!

Mr. Jones was such a professional, repeating what I said, so it’s all good. I hope he gets a big check, and that SYFY puts some respect on that check.

Thank you to our dear friend Bruce Calder for braving the sun and the crowds to record the event so James could work the convention table. And thank you to the SYFY channel for supporting independent creators! And for giving us medals that we would could use to smash locks AND the patriarchy.

Photo of a SYFY Fan Awards medal