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We have three conventions in a row this September!

Salt Lake Comic Con – September 4-6 – This will be my first trip to Salt Lake! You can find Monsterdell at Artist Alley table Purple 10.

ScareFest – September 12-14 – We will be returning to Kentucky for the 7th annual Scarefest! scarefest-7-300x118

Rose City Comic Con – September 20 – 21 – This will be our first trip to Portland! You’ll be able to visit Monsterdell in Artist Alley.

Because of the all the travel, I will need some guest art! I’m going to be starting a comic arc based on famous monster artists (like Fridastein Kahlo).What’s your take on monster art history?

Don’t let a little thing like a lack of art skill deter you! If you love the Little Vampires, then show that love by sending in a drawing!

Here are the specs:

Theme: Monsterized art history, famous artists, famous works of art

At least 300 dpi

No wider than 850 pixels

Inks or colors are both fine.

Make sure you sign your work, and let me know if you’d like me to link to a blog or website

Mail as a .jpeg to