No goodski indeed.

James and I don’t normally attend events after the exhibitor floor closes during San Diego Comic-Con, but we went to the SherlockeDCC party organized by the Baker Street Babes and Meghan Gotch, the Nerdy Girlie. I’ve been a Sherlock Holmes fan since I was a wee geek, so James and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with fellow Sherlockians.

James and I got to hang out and take ridiculous selfies with Judy Neeb, library goddess, and Anne Kirn of House of Darkly. The party was atop San Diego’s new Central Public Library, which gave us an amazing view. And I won a lollipop mustache with my mad marksmanship skills. I can shoot Nerf darts like Watson shoots through a window, yo.

So yeah, we’ll likely be going next year too.