Throughout this story arc, you’ll be able to go back to the beginning and read from there.

Happy birthday to my friends Cathy and Kim!

Halloween is coming, and to help you prepare Little Vampire style I’m giving away a pumpkin carving pattern. Here’s the pumpkin that Blood Orange Army member Laura Hembd carved last year. Print stencils for yourself and your friends, and send pictures of your creation!

Pumpkin Stencil-Instructions

Pumpkin Stencil-Vampire

You can also prepare for Halloween at my new Etsy store. I’ll be adding handmade items throughout the week, like this Frank mask.

The store will feature Little Vampires related work, but also other arts and crafts that I do. If you have friends and family that like handcrafted items, please invite them to check out the store. We will be exhibiting at the inaugural San Diego Comic Fest at the Town & Country Resort October 19 through the 21. Come see us at this exciting new show!

  You can get your own Wolfie Plush by preordering. They are expected to arrive in mid-November, but you can preorder yours now and get free shipping! Go HERE to be one of the first to get your very own Little Wolfman. He’s so fluffaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!