Throughout this story arc, you’ll be able to go back to the beginning of the story and read from there.

I had a great time in Alberta at the Calgary Comic Expo! Thanks to everyone that came by the table. Thanks to Marie McNeill for sharing the booth and her awesome art with me. Thanks to Alina and Layne for taking good care of me, and for the background shout-out in Weregeek! Thanks to Sam, and to  Sohmer, Lar, Becker, and the whole Blind Ferret crew for making me feel welcome. Thanks to Blake for being a great chauffeur and great company. Thanks to Tom for giving Marie and I the most interesting bus ride ever. And thanks for the gift of a Moose-nicorn from the Yip!


Shortly before I left for Calgary, the wonderful Beth Accomando and Katie Euphrat of KPBS interviewed me about being a web cartoonist. They also interviewed my friend Paul Horn of Cool Jerk. Check out our segment on Evening Edition. Scroll down to see the video portion. Thank you Beth!  I’m still amazed at your editing skills! 🙂