Yes, I do love the head-on-fire gag quite a bit. Though really, what else would you expect to happen when a Little Vampire recites the opening lines of Henry V?


Part two of the podcast that James and I guest hosted is live! We had so much fun being a  part of Seattle Geekly, which is hosted by two of our favorite people, Matt and Shannon. You can listen to parts one and two at their website now.


Our first convention appearance of 2014 is fast approaching. We will be at table B29 in Artist Alley at Amazing Arizona Comic Convention from January 24 to the 26.


My friend Marie McNeill linked me to this hilarious monster puppet show from Glove and Boots. Don’t be like the French* and watch it now!

*No offense was meant to the French in general. Only the Quasimodo killing French. Don’t be like them.