Werewolves and vampires are supposed to be enemies, but Wolfie and the Little Vampires can’t help but be the best of friends.

Wolfie is the most athletic and energetic of his peers, and loves a good competition. He’s also mischievous and fun-loving, and fiercely loyal to his friends and family.


How tall is Wolfie?
Wolfie is about six inches tall. Tall enough to slam dunk in little monster basketball games, babeeeee!

How many Wolfies are there?
There is only one Wolfie, but there is a thriving community of Little Wolfmen and Little Wolfwomen.

Does Wolfie have a family?
Wolfie is the oldest child in his family. He lives with his mom and dad and Grandpa Fangly. Wolfie is very protective of his younger sister, his twin brothers, and baby sister.

He sometimes feels the need to act like an older brother for the Little Vampires.

What are Wolfie’s favorite sports to watch and play?
Wolfie likes to watch all sports, but his favorites are soccer, basketball, and hockey. He also loves watching the Olympics. He’s particularly fond of zombie curling. He loves to play all sports and games, though he has a little trouble with dealing with the wet fur caused by participating in aquatic sports like surfing. His favorite sports to play are soccer and basketball.

What else does Wolfie like to do?
He likes to spend time with the Little Vampires and Frank. He enjoys playing sports and games with them, of course. But he also likes cosplaying with his friends.

What is Wolfie’s favorite food?
Wolfie loves to steal bites of street vendor hot dogs.