Frank is more introverted and intellectual than his friends the Little Vampires and Wolfie. He doesn’t often show emotion, but he has a romantic soul. Though he can come across as a little on the boring side, he has a lot of fascinating interests and skills that he is very passionate about.

Frank loves gardening, but also loves tinkering with and creating fantastic steampunk machines. He enjoys reading, and has even tried his hand at writing poetry.

It was very bad poetry.


How tall is Frank?
Frank is about seven inches tall. If he had any athletic ability whatsoever, Wolfie would pick him to play on his basketball team.

How many Franks are there?
There is only one Frank, just as there is only one human sized Frankenstein’s monster.

Does Frank ever get lonely, seeing as he’s the only one of his kind?
Frank is not the only reanimated little monster in the world. His friend Elsa is also reanimated. And because they are friends, Frank never feels lonely, even when he is spending time alone.

Are Frank and Elsa a couple?
Though they were literally made for one another, they are not a couple. Frank does have romantic feelings towards Elsa, but he respects her wishes to remain friends, as any gentleman would. He would rather earn her love than have her be with him because she felt she had to be.

What is Frank’s full name?
Frank’s full name is TheReanimatedCreatureMadeByLittleDoctorFrankensteinOnThe DayOfThatReallyStupendousThunderStorm.

He prefers to be called Frank.

What else does Frank like to do?
He likes to spend time with the Little Vampires and Wolfie. He especially enjoys cosplaying with his friends, as he is the best dressed and groomed amongst them to begin with.

Frank enjoys playing sports and games with his friends, even though he’s not the most athletic of the group. He doesn’t master sports as quickly as Wolfie does, but when he sets his mind to something, his focus allows him to improve his skills beyond novice level. He’s learned how to ski and ice skate through focused and diligent practice.

When he’s not with his friends, he works on his hobbies.

What is Frank’s favorite food?
Frank can’t say no to a good wurstsalat.